Fracking Manifold unit

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06 November 2015



INFORMATION:  Hydraulic fracturing (HF) is one of the methods of oil and gas wells work intensification and increasing of the intake capacity of injection wells. The first time the method of hydraulic fracturing has been used to increase the productivity of marginal wells in Kansas (USA) in the middle of the 1940s. In Russian practice hydraulic fracturing method is used since 1952.


For more than ten years the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" member of the group of companies "TRUST", carries out development and introduction of new technology fr om design documentation development and manufacturing of experimental samples to serial production, maintenance and customer personnel training. Extensive experience allowed us to develop and bring to market our own line of oilfield equipment. In new realities, wh ere access to Western technology is closed for an indefinite term, the high-quality domestic products are in demand like never before.

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Manifold unit (manifold of high and low pressure on one frame – a sled) for hydraulic fracturing and acidizing of bottom zone is one of the intellectual products of "TRUST-ENGINEERING".

Manifold block designed for compound of pump units with the wellhead during hydraulic fracturing, hydrosandblast perforation, acidizing and other processing operations in oil and gas wells. The unit is designed to carry out works with mixer – blender with productivity 16 m3/min, with performance characteristics of low pressure manifold of 0.6 MPa and a high pressure pump units in an amount up to 6 units, with the performance characteristics of 105 Mpa.



The main indicator of the quality characteristics of the manifold is a working pressure of 105 MPa, and the possibility of connecting up to six high-pressure pump units.

The mobility indicator of equipment is the ability to deliver the manifold to a customer by container, installation on truck chassis, transporting by dragging.

An indicator of self-sufficiency of manifold unit is the presence of removable sets of equipment: high-pressure pipes of different lengths, articulated joints, configuration tees 45 and 90 degrees, low pressure hoses. When using the unit in the frac fleet together with the data collection unit in the high pressure unit is possible to connect the pressure sensor of 105 MPa type GP-50. There is provided possibility of rapid sampling for low pressure manifold unit. Manifold unit parameters may vary depending on the required performance, the number of lines, operating conditions and mode of transportation.



On request of the customer the manifold unit can be manufactured of Standard Service version and of H2S Service version, on the classification of API (NACE MR0175/ISO 15156) and version k1 and k2 (GOST 13862-90) for continuous operation at ambient temperature up to -55° C. Detailed checklists – both of corrosive and erosive wear of manifolds of high and low pressure, and checklists of frame design elements, as well as a reasonable margin of safety, provide long and safe operation of the unit.

The compactness, a little weight and modularity of design allow to use manifold unit in the fleet on a drilling platform. The manifold unit is designed taking into account the optimization of metal strength for a greater number of options on the basis of experience of real and diverse operating conditions.

The manifold unit, like other equipment manufactured by the company, is certified in accordance with the current industry standards.



At the moment the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" began production of an experienced manifold unit of trailer version with double-flow discharge line, working pressure of 105 MPa, and the ability to connect up to ten high-pressure pump sets with flow rate 16 m³/min. Besides the calculations of optimization on the parameter material/strength in this development were applied the methods of hydrodynamic optimization and analysis of vibration compensation of high pressure manifold.

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