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The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.

23 October 2015
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    Information: "TRUST-ENGINEERING" LLC is a member of group of companies "Trust". Oil & gas equipment is being developed by specialists of "TRUST-ENGINEERING" since 2008 and is being produced on manufacturing plant of "Zavod StroiNefteMash" LLC which is also a member of group of companies "TRUST".


The company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, sales, modernization, repair and supply of spare parts of oil & gas equipment and special equipment, special and specialized vehicles. LLC "TRUST-Engineering" covers the whole range of services from project documentation development and production of experimental samples to serial production, maintenance service and customer personnel training. The production base of the plant "Zavod StroiNefteMash" LLC and scientific potential of the design bureau of "TRUST-ENGINEERING" LLC allows to produce a highly reliable and effective equipment.

Design engineers of the company perform all design stages in accordance with GOST 2.103-68 and GOST R 15.201-2000: project statement, technical tender, preliminary design, technical project, working project and certification of products. All design documentation is performed in high quality with the use of CAD-systems SolidWorks 2013 in full accordance with Russian standards.

The company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" creates warehouses of spare parts for machinery of its own production - and its service specialists perform equipment maintenance and repair. If it is necessary, the company employees come to the customer to put the equipment into operation and train a staff of the customer directly on the workplace.

History of development of HWU

  In the harsh natural conditions of the Russian North for oil and gas extraction service companies use mobile units of types PPUA and ADPM which not very effective due to the long process of water heating. To facilitate the work and improve performance was created a process fluid heating unit HWU. The equipment of this type was produced by western companies, and the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" decided to develop its own project. For the development of the project have been studied customer requirements for the units of this type, the experience of the companies that use them, modern technologies of liquid heating. The company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" has been manufacturing the units of type HWU since 2012.


HWU: construction features and advantages.

Heating process liquids unit HWU intended for process liquids heating which are used for gels preparation during fracturing. It can be used in the complex of equipment for fracturing and also independently.

Unit capacity - up to 50 m³ of the process liquid heated from 0°C to + 40°C for 50 minutes. The unit is able to work for a long time in the continuous mode in the range of operating temperatures from -40°C to + 45°C.

The design of the unit includes three different versions:

1. Container version can operate on the chassis and fully. Tank – 1000 liters. Opening hours without refueling - 3 hours. In order to increase the continuous operation, In this design, there is a system for pumping fuel from the tank of the chassis that allows increase the time of continuous operation for about 1 hour.

2. Design on the chassis 8x8. Tank - 5000 l. Operating time without refueling - 16 hours.

3. Unit on a semi-trailer withtruck tractor of the raised passableness. Tank - 5000 l. Time of continuous operation 16 hours.

HWU are designed to be more comfortable for the service staff. A separate, fully heat-insulated housing with double overhead rear door (1.9 m x 2 m) and the operating door on the right side with window, side windows in the walls. Burner HWU - with reduced noise level. Provided pre-heating of the room by using the electric heaters with total capacity of 7 kW, powered by their own diesel generator. There is a system of external and internal lighting, which allows to the unit to operate round the clock.

All controls, including the launch of a diesel generator are carried out from the control panel located in the operating compartment of the unit. The unit can operate in automatic and semi-automatic modes. An emergency device deactivates the unit if the liquid temperature is rising to 95° C. It is possible to manufacture of the unit HWU of various power: 1000 kW, 1900 kW, 2100 kW, 2500 kW, 2800 kW and 3500 kW TU 3666-004-83382246-2012. Flow rate of fuel at the maximum power up to 300 l/h.


Modernization of HWU

Since manufacture of the first unit there was a constant improvement of design. In the first units after the heating process in the boiler remained 2.5 m³ of process liquid that was drained to the ground, which is unacceptable in fields because they are at the protected environmental zone. The following units were equipped with pumping system that allows to pump out a liquid back into the tank to reduce its losses to a minimum. The time of pumping out process is 50 minutes. Each unit is made individually for a specific customer. The company's specialists help customers to formulate the terms of reference and consult them on all issues they are interested in. The unit can be completed with the following options: a telescopic mast with mounted spotlights, a Karcher for mountings heating with steam, engine preheating, additional heating of workroom with air heater Webasto. It is also possible to add filters which allow to filter the processing liquid to 25 microns and a rotary-type flowmeter. The housing of the unit is painted depending on the corporate identity of the customer.


User`s references

During the seven years of existence the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" has gone from development and creation of the first experimental samples of oil & gas equipment for the oil industry to its serial production. Currently our equipment is used by such large companies as "MeKaMineft" and "Schlumberger". "MeKaMineft" is a service company of the West Siberian region of Russia which provides services to the oil production complexes in the area of enhanced oil recovery. International company "Schlumberger" is recognized world leader that provides to the oil and gas industry all spectrum of modern technologies of oil extraction.

In order to evaluate the work of the unit we give only one example of its successful use. Here is what the one of "Schlumberger" employees said: "If before the tank was heated for 8-9 hours while we were all dirty in black oil - now it is heated in just one hour, that is eight times faster. Now I can go to work even wearing a suit and tie"

Realities and perspectives


The company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" is planning to enlarge business relations and make a contracts with service companies which use the units such as HWU today, the companies such as «Schlumberger Logelco Inc.», «Halliburton», «Trican Well Service», "Weatherford ", "Construction and investment company "PetroInzhiniring", CJSC "JV" MeKaMineft "," Imperial Frac Service ".

The chief designer of "TRUST-ENGINEERING" S.O. Kireev writes in his article - "the main goal of the enterprise not only supply certain types of oil & gas equipment to service companies but supply equipment and services developed for each customer after detailed study of their requests".

It is done even today and will get further development in the near future.

Considering the fact that one HWU is able to replace several units of previous generation and oil extraction in the world is growing up it's possible to say that the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" LLC has excellent prospects. Even the market will present us an era of fusion reactors anyway hundreds of companies around the word will need a high-quality and efficient equipment for extraction of natural hydrocarbons.

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