Hot Water Unit

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The unit is designed for heating process liquids used for gels preparation during hydraulic fracturing. It may be used as part of  equipment complex for fracturing and independently.

Power, kW

1000; 1900; 2100; 2500; 2800; 3500

Time for heating 50 m³ of water to + 40 ° C, min


Centrifugal pump flow rate, m³/min


Diesel fuel consumption at 1 kW, L/h


Performance coefficient, %


Operating temperature range, ºС

From - 40 to + 40

Length, mm

8400 (8000)





Weight, kg



Unit can be supplied in container type body on a chassis, semi-trailer or skid.

  1. Heat insulated container design with double overhead rear door and working door on the right side
  2. Steel shell boiler of correspondent capacity 
  3. Liquid fuel burner with reduced noise 
  4. Centrifugal pump for liquid circulation
  5. Hoses with quick connects for the external containers
  6. Diesel generator
  7. Fuel tank of container type for 1000 liters in frame or fuel tank for 5000 liters mounted on a semi-trailer or chassis.
  8. Heating system
  9. Inside and outside lighting system.
  10. Control panel.
  11. Additionally, the unit can be completed with a filtering device allowing to filter to 25 microns and rotary type flow meter, additional Webasto heaters, system for pumping diesel fuel from the chassis tank to the unit tank.

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