Unit for Transportation and Dispensing Chemicals

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The unit is designed for transportation of chemical reagents to the work site and dosing them during the process of hydraulic fracturing, as well as for independent (without mixing unit) process execution of large-matrix acidizing, acid fracturing or prior preparation of the fracturing fluid before arrival of frac fleet.

Number of chemical reagents, pcs


Number of tanks for chemical reagents, pcs


Number of tanks for liquid gelling agent, pcs


Capacity of tank for chemical reagents or liquid gelling agent, L


Flow rate of dosing gear pump, L/min

From 0,5 to 30

Flow rate of dosing screw pump, L/min

From 1 to 100

Centrifugal pump flow rate, m³/min


Centrifugal pump pressure, MPa


Tanks material

Stainless steel

Operating temperature range,°C

From - 40 to + 40

Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight, kg



  1. Chassis 
  2. Container-type body
  3. Containers system for chemical reagents
  4. Tank system for liquid gelling agent
  5. System for handling chemical reagents
  6. Centrifugal Pump 
  7. Hydraulic system
  8. Manifold
  9. Suction and discharge manifolds
  10. Electrical equipment 
  11. Heating system
  12. Rollers with hoses
  13. System of washing and blasting pumps, pipes and hoses
  14. Pump for pumping chemicals from the exterior tank
  15. Instrumental panel
  16. System of internal and external lighting 
  17. Control panel

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