The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.

10 November 2015

On the 6`th of November 2015  HWU with a power capacity of 2500 kW was tested at our plant in Rostov-on-Don. The unit will be installed on the trailer with an additional fuel tank of 5000 liters and soon will be sent  to the city of Almetyevsk to work as a part of the fracking complex.
This unit heats 50m3 of process fluid used in the preparation of the fracking gel to 40C in 50 minutes.
HWU is equipped with filters for filtering the fluid during the heating process.


21 October 2015

  On April 14, 2015 in Atyrau (Kazakhstan) has started a regular exhibition Atyrau Oil and Gas. It is the largest thematic event in the Western Kazakhstan. The exhibition combined the oil & gas and construction themes.


28 September 2015

Russian manufacturer of equipment for hydraulic fracturing and other equipment for the oil and gas industry.


12 August 2015

Continuing the theme: Infographics for the oil and gas equipment, we are pleased to present you our new development - a unit for transporting and dosed supplying of chemicals UDH-5.


23 July 2015

Infographics is the new approach to the provision of information in the area of B2B (equipment for hydraulic fracturing).


21 July 2015

  13th Moscow International Exhibition "Oil and Gas» / MIOGE 2015 - one of the largest exhibitions in the oil and gas industry. The exhibition is a meeting place for the largest oil and gas companies, suppliers of equipment and services for the oil and gas industry, and professionals — oilmen.


09 June 2015

In April of 2015 the company "Trust-Engineering" took a part in the transfer of the rig SL 2500T-AC-W-650T (DISCOVERY Equipment Drilling)

It is a heavy type rig for wells drilling with depths up to 7 kilometers and it is the first rig of this type in all Kazakhstan.