Commissioning of the Drilling Rig, Atyrau (Kazakhstan)

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09 June 2015

The characteristics of this rig are impressive:

* Estimated drilling depth - 5500-7000 m

* Crownblock lifting capacity - 650 tons

* Power of drawworks - 2500 hp

The total cost of the project amounted to 3 640 million tenge.

"The other day the rig will be sent to the Western Kazakhstan region. It is planned to drill there one well projected depth of 6.5 thousand meters. It is known that drilling up to 6-7 thousand meters with previous rigs took 3-4 years. Now, with new drilling rig of Atyrau production it is possible to drill a well for a few months», - said the director of "KazMunaiGaz-Burenie" Maksat Mambetov.

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