Infographics - unit for process liquids heating

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23 July 2015

For the popularization of innovative unit of process fluids heating created and produced by the company "Trust-ENGINEERING" we decided to demonstrate all its capabilities in a graphical form.

Infographics is relatively new gaining popularity area of marketing. A graphical representation of the oil & gas equipment characteristics is still quite rare, but we believe that this is one of the most effective ways of information delivering.

We are pleased to present the first of the series of infographics on equipment produced by the company "Trust-ENGINEERING":

Инфографика УНТЖ.jpg

Unit for process liquids heating

Boiler Chimney Control panel

Burner Diesel generator Fuel tank

The unit is used for process liquids heating which are used for gels preparation during fracturing. It can be used in the complex of equipment for fracturing and also independently.

Capacity: up to 50 m3 of processing liquid heated to 40°C for 50 min


1000 kWt, 1900 kWt,

2100 kWt, 2500 kWt

2800 kWt, 3500 kWt

Operating weight: 12500 kg



length - 8000 (8400)

width – 2550

height – 2630

Emergency shutdown: at temperature 95°C

Operating temperatures rate: from – 40°C to +45°C

Diesel fuel consumption per hour for 1 kWt, 0,1 L

It can operate in automatic and semi-automatic mode

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