Infographics - chemical dosing unit UDH 5

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12 August 2015

Please explore the technical features of the unit UDH-5 produced by the specialists of "Trust-ENGINEERING".

Инфографика УДХ.jpg

Combined unit for chemical dosing UDH 5

The unit is designed for the chemical reagents transportation to the work-site and dosed supplying of them during the process of hydraulic fracturing, 

and also for self-executing processes of large volume matrix acid processing, acid fracturing or preliminary preparation of the working fluid for fracturing before arrival

 of special machinery of the complex (fleet).

steel framework flow-meter control panel the walls of the sandwich panels

pump gear (4) screw pumps (2) stainless steel tanks (6)

Characteristics of the unit


(on chassis 8x8) kg,



(on chassis 8x8) mm,

Lengh – 12000

Width – 2550

Height – 4000

Operating temperatures range, C:

from – 40 to + 40

Number chemical reagents in use, 5

Pressure of centrifugal pump, MPa: 0,4

Tank capacity for chemical reagents or liquid gelling agent, L: 1500

Pump capacity Screw dispensing pump, L/min: from 1 to 100

Centrifugal pump, L/min: 9000

Gear dispensing pump, L/min: from 0,5 to 30

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