Facking water heater supply

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29 January 2016
  This week we supplied for our partners first order of New Year 2016 - fracking water heater (FWH).
  This unique unit was produced on the basis of  TRUST ENGINEERING`s professional experience  and our customer`s wishes. FWH is mounted on a triaxial semitrailer - for transporting by fully-drive truck Man 6x6. The height of the "seat", which is equal to 1600 mm, and special tires allow it to operate in extreme conditions. Additional tank with volume of 5 cubic meters enables this model to work autonomously up to 30 hours without a break.
  These unique characteristics of the fracking water heater were planned specially by our specialists. It is clear that oil production often takes place in extreme natural and climatic conditions, far from the infrastructure, where the oil companies have to rely only on themselves. That's why autonomy and the reliability of new FWH are increased according to the needs of our partners.
  Soon, our customers from Tatarstan will be able to evaluate its benefits in the most intensive operating conditions. TRUST ENGINEERING`s specialists are ready, as before, to produce and supply equipment adapted to the technical requirements of our domestic and foreign partners.
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