Modernization of Chemical Dosage Unit in Rostov-on-Don

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08 August 2016

Modernization of Chemical Dosage Unit.

This April a successful shipping by «ТРАСТ-ИНЖИНИРИНГ» of clients Chemical Dosage Unit, after full modernization and capital repair job in Rostov-on-Don.

The specifics of this job were such that thanks to new installed parts, a modernized unit "UDH-5" has significantly extended its useful life cycle and had a chance to show its feats right away.

It was November 2015 that "TRUST-ENGINEERING" team first began the work on the Chemical Dosage Unit ( UDH-5). Making all the required calculations and preparations to accomodate the new controling unit of two industrial computers with constant internet access, as well as new piping and flow sensor. To complete the modernization of UDH-5 European parts had to be ordered, the delivery time of these parts took 80% of the process time — 4 month. Once the parts arrived, the production process was done in 25 working days.

List of modifications:

-New manifold with full anti-acidizing plating with replacement swing check valve, new intake and outflow tubing, flow sensors ( from Endless and Hauser) and stop valves.

-Produced and installed the new feeder line for liquid polymere from screw pumps.

-Transfer pump from Lutz replaced.

-Control unit now has an ability to recieve signals from Chemical Dosage Unit UDH-5 at least once a second.

-Repair works on the two blenders.

-Repair works on air conditioning system.

After the delivery our client was able to test the modernized UDH-5 on the serviced well. Company engineers of «TRUST-ENGINEERING» participated in acid fracturing together with the client and made all the necessary adjustments and settings for the new control unit to insure maximum comfort. Such close cooperation insured maximum effect of the modernization process.

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