The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.


Oil and gas field belongs to the high-tech industries.
The most advanced achievements of science and technology are used during the oil production and the employment of hydraulic fracturing technology.
This phenomenon has a flipside – the equipment ,used during the development of oil fields, obsoletes quickly . This may be due both to the available technological innovations , and with the changes in the tasks, the oil-service companies face.
The company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" has a production and technical potential for the modernization of the oil equipment of any complexity.
The extensive experience in this field allows us to say confidently that ,in any way, we can offer customers the most worthwhile solution method of the tasks.
The engineers and constructors have mastered the technique of any equipment modernization for frac fleet.
We will be able to achieve the necessary tactical characteristics and specifications of your obsolete oil equipment with minimal financial and time costs.
The specialists of "TRUST-ENGINEERING" update the following equipment:
- Cementing unit
- Blender for cementing works
- Units for dewaxing wells
- Steam Generator
- Equipment and units for coiled tubing
- The sheet of the equipment for hydraulic fracturing
and the other equipment.

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