The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.


The aim of oil service companies is not confined to the equipment purchase.

The obtaining of equipment is an intermediate stage on the way to the main goal - effective work in development of oil and gas fields.

It is very important that the operator of this equipment should be a professional in order to maximize the effectiveness of the acquired oil equipment .

The training program of the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" allow to achieve the required level of the operator skills and, as a result, the maximum efficiency in using of the production and intensification equipment.

Our experts carry out the whole complex of works in operator training and maintenance of the supplied equipment. Our aim is to solve the problems of our customers and we spend as much time as necessary to achieve this goal.

The program of the committee and the training includes the following stages:

- Checking the completion of the equipment

- Holding the course of theoretical training of equipment operators

- Preparation for the first start

- First start-up together with the customer's personnel

- Master-class for working on the supplied equipment

- Learning the specifics of the facilities maintenance

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