The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.


Serious preparatory stage is the key to the success of any business .
In the field of production and supply of the fracturing equipment it is the "Engineering".
We do not offer reference solutions, we solve Your problem.
All the equipment, produced by the company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" , is the result of joint effort of our engineers, constructors and also the production department along with the customers representatives.
We, like no other, are aware that every oil / gas field - is unique. Every time our customers face different problems and, therefore, they need different tools to meet these challenges.
We can produce exactly the equipment , you need for solving urgent problems.
Solid experience in the design and manufacture allows us to achieve the required specifications in the shortest time and on the rims.

Offer service
Make a request online, we will contact you in the near future and will answer all your questions.