The mission of "TRUST ENGINEERING" is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering modern quality equipment, and to establish long-term partnerships.


Production and sale of the equipment for hydraulic fracturing is only a half part of the company's work.

Due to the high requirements of our customers to the reliability of supplied oil and gas equipment, we have created a high-tech and operational repair team.

We understand that sometimes even lost hour of frac fleet or any other oil equipment can damage the customer , so our skilled team of specialists is always ready. They can help with advice or, if necessary, arrive at the facility for the repair and reclamation works in the shortest period of time .

We always have spare parts for supplied equipment and the other oil and gas equipment in our stock.

The service team of company "TRUST-ENGINEERING" annual attends refresher courses at the European and American manufacturing facilities and has the extensive experience in repair work on the oil and gas fields in Russian Federation , Kazakhstan and the other countries.

We repair both our equipment and the equipment for frac fleet of any other manufacturers.

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